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Number of models: 16
ABS: Standard (except 4×4 models)
ASR: Standard
AMT: On selected models only

F-Series trucks hold all the aces in the heavy commercial vehicle segment providing class leading economy, safety and environmental care in a package that is tailor made to meet the demands of operators. Heavy trucks are the backbone of the economy and all F-Series trucks are engineered to give the best possible availability and economy in a safe and easy-to-operate vehicle.

With nineteen models from 10 000kg to 26 000kg GVM the range is designed to provide operators with an exact match for every freight requirement. Specialist models including full-time 4X4 and 6X2 freight carriers, a 6X4 refuse compactor and truck tractors are also available. High torque turbocharged engines deliver ample power for load carrying requirements, while Isuzu’s legendary common rail diesel technology delivers unmatched fuel economy and dramatically reduced carbon emissions. Technologically advanced engine management features are perfectly complemented with rugged construction to reduce total cost-of-ownership and ensure reliability even in harsh operating conditions.

Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) is available on four models (FRR 500/FSR 800/FSR 800 Crew Cab and FTR 850) which contributes to easier, more economical operation of the trucks while increasing safety by preventing missed gear changes and allowing the driver to focus more attention on the road. Safety features include standard ABS / ASR braking systems across all models (with the exception of 4X4 derivatives), while seatbelts and door beams ensure the cab remains rigid in the event of an accident. The spacious air-conditioned cabs are fitted with a host of driver comforts to create a comfortable and productive workspace.

The comprehensive range of advanced F-Series trucks provides operators with the right options to meet the most demanding requirements from freight carriers and compactors to medium haul operations and off-road application.

ModelsRetail price
FRR 600 AMT (4 Cylinder model)R 687 125,00
FRR 550R 699 142,50
FSR 800 SWBR 793 442,50
FSR 800R 793 442,50
FSR 800 AMTR 835 532,50
FSR 750 Crew Cab AMTR 989 000,00
FTR 850 R 842 317,50
FTR 850 AMTR 884 810,00
FTR 850 LWBR 874 172,50
FTR 850 TIPPERR 834 210,00
FTR 850 CompactorR 874 057,50
FTS 750 4X4 - ABSR 1 033 907,50
FTS 750 4X4 SWA - ABSR 1 051 675,00
FVM 1200R 1 020 682,50
FVR 900R 1 018 612,50
FVZ 1400 TipperR 1 235 732,50
FVZ 1400R 1 194 850,00
FVZ 1400 AUTOR 1 423 125,00
FVZ 1600R 1 246 140,00
All the prices include VAT.
(The prices above are for chassis cabs only and do not include the cost of the body)



FRR 550 (233 KB)

FRR 600 AMT (99. 8 KB)

FSR 750 Crew Cab AMT  (233 KB)

FSR 800 (236 KB)

FSR 800 AMT (700 KB)

FSR 800 SWB  (233 KB)

FTR 850  (233 KB)

FTR 850 AMT (233 KB)

FTR 850 LWB (233 KB)

FTR 850 Tipper (667 KB)

FTR 850 Compactor (394 KB)

FTS 750 4X4 (656 KB)

FTS 750 4X4 SWA (233 KB)

FVM 1200 (700 KB)

FVR 900 (236 KB)

FVZ 1400 (231 KB)

FVZ 1400 Compactor (230 KB)

FVZ 1400 Tipper (361 KB)

FVZ 1400 AMT (682 KB)

FVZ1600 Compactor (410 KB)

FVZ1600 Compactor AMT (395 KB)


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