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Number of models: 19
ABS: Standard (except 4×4 models)
ASR: Standard
AMT: Selected models only

Trucks bearing the Isuzu N-Series badge represent perfectly balanced medium-sized vehicles for everyday applications. These are tough trucks that are willing partners providing operators with the highest levels of efficiency and reliability in a cost effective package. A line-up of 18 models from 4 200kg to 8 500kg GVM provide an exact match for any medium trucking requirement.

N-Series trucks represent the latest in freight transport engineering and are designed to be durable with an ability to work hard and maintain low operating costs over the entire lifetime of the truck. Advanced 4-cylinder common rail turbocharged engines on all models deliver unmatched performance and are engineered to reduce fuel consumption while minimising carbon emissions. In addition to performance the trucks are also designed to be comfortable with cabs that give drivers the space and environment to be productive and to focus their attention on the road ahead.

Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) is available on selected N-Series models allowing drivers to get the most out of their vehicles under any operating conditions. Automatic selection of gears and no clutch gear shifts can contribute directly to more economical operation of the trucks while increasing safety by preventing missed gear changes. Safety is further enhanced through the addition of an advanced ABS/ASR braking system to prevent accidents, while the hexagonal cab design, door beams and safety belts protect occupants in the event of an accident occurring.

N-Series trucks are at home in applications as diverse as inner-city deliveries, municipal service delivery, freight carrying and even harsh off-road applications.


ModelsRetail price
NLR 150R 369 495,00
NMR 250R 392 782,50
NMR 250 SWB AMTR 413 885,00
NMR 250 AMTR 413 885,00
NMR 250 CREW CAB AMTR 506 057,50
NPR 275 AMT (17.5 tyres)R 430 215,00
NPR 300R 434 872,50
NPR 300 AMTR 457 642,50
NPS 300 4X4 - ABSR 564 017,50
NPS 300 4X4 (SWA) - ABSR 584 315,00
NPS 300 4X4 CREW CAB - ABSR 677 062,50
NPS 300 4X4 CREW CAB (SWA) - ABSR 692 702,50

NPR 400 SWBR 469 487,50
NPR 400R 469 487,50
NPR 400 AMTR 487 715,00
NPR 400 CREW CAB AMTR 586 960,00
NQR 500 SWBR 505 195,00
NQR 500R 505 195,00
NQR 500 AMTR 523 997,50
All the prices include VAT.
(The prices above are for chassis cabs only and do not include the cost of the body)



NLR 150 (229 KB)

NMR 250 (308 KB)

NMR 250 AMT (308 KB)

NMR 250 AMT SWB (228 KB)

NMR 250 Crew Cab AMT (302 KB)

NPR 275 AMT (181 KB)

NPR 300 (228 KB)

NPR 300 AMT (228 KB)

NPR 400 (229 KB)

NPR 400 AMT (228 KB)

NPR 400  AMT Crew (232 KB)

NPR 400 SWB (229 KB)

NPS 300 4X4 ( 229 KB)

NPS 300 4X4 SWA ( 229 KB)

NPS 300 4X4 SWA Crew (228 KB)

NPS 300 Crew (228 KB)

NQR 500 (228 KB)

NQR 500 AMT (229 KB)

NQR 500 SWB (229 KB)


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